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Professor McQuark’s Curiously Creative Cootie Catcher

Feeling in an inventive mood?  I certainly am, because my debut picture book is coming out tomorrow and it’s all about a very inventive professor and her curious creation – the amazing oojamaflip!  Getting a children’s book published has been a lifetime ambition for me so I will be celebrating tomorrow with friends and and I thought I’d make some Professor McQuark cootie catchers for my guests to play with.  Why not download one and help me celebrate?  The illustrations are by the amazing Julia Patton – you can see more of her work on her website at juliapatton.co.ukProfessor McQuark and the Oojamaflip is published by Maverick Books and available to buy from Amazon UK and Amazon US or google to find your nearest stockist.

CLICK HERE to download Professor McQuark’s Curiously Creative Cootie Catcher.

professor mcquark's curiously creative cootie catcher

Lucky Item cootie catcher

M. Haller Yamada designed this Lucky Item cootie catcher to use in an English as a Foreign Language Class for 11 and 12-year-olds in Japan.  He assures me that “Whatever they get, if they use it, it will bring them good luck.  At least in theory…”  Definitely worth a try, I think!
CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to download Lucky Item cootie catcher.
Lucky Item Cootie Catcher by M. Haller Yamada

Blank template for cootie catcher

This is a PowerPoint file that you can edit with your own fortunes, and even put your own pictures on.  How about a photo of each member of your family or friends, cartoons of animals or the four seasons?  Don’t forget to make up some outrageous fortunes too!

CLICK HERE to download blank cootie catcher template for PowerPoint

blank template for cootie catcher

Fairytale cootie catcher

This is my first story cootie catcher – I hope you like it!  Enter the world of the fairytale and try to complete the story by picking the three correct options.  Get it wrong and you might send Jack to the ball or turn Rumpelstiltzkin into a beautiful swan!

To play you will need to read the words when the chooser choses their colour, and then move the cootie catcher so they can choose a number.  Again, read the words first before moving.  When they choose the second number, open up the cootie catcher to read the ending.

Have fun!

Download Fairytale cootie catcher ready to print

Download Fairytale cootie catcher template for Powerpoint ready to edit

Fairytale cootie catcher