How do you play?

Download the cootie catcher you want to play with (or make your own) and fold following the instructions.  The four main pictures should be on top.

Ask a friend to choose one, and then move the cootie catcher with your fingers so it snaps open first one way and then the other (imagine a mouth talking!).  As you do this spell out what they have chosen, for example if they choose red spell out R-E-D.

Red has three letters so stop after three moves and ask your friend to choose again.  This time more choices are revealed. Traditionally the next choices are numbers, but as you can see from the various cootie catchers on this site they could be anything!

Again, move the cootie catcher according to the number or number of letters if it’s a word.  (Sometimes this gets repeated again, just to make sure there’s no cheating!)  Then open the flap under the choice to reveal the final result.

Is it a terrible fate (fortune teller), a scary dare (party challenge) or perhaps just a nice happy ending (fairy tale)?  Have fun!

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