Cootie catcher books and kits

If you get the cootie catcher bug you can buy all sorts of books with cootie catcher designs in them. The most popular is probably The Cootie Catcher Book from Klutz, who seem to have cornered the current market in quirky arts and crafts gifts (they also do nice thumbprint art books).

There is another version – The Cootie Catcher Book With Stickers – which also contains stickers for extra decoration.  An similar product is Cootie Catcher Kit made by American Girl Crafts which is a craft set with printed papers and stickers.

There are also a number of educational cootie catcher books available from publisher Creative Teaching Press, such as Cootie Catchers, Math, Grade 4 for math skills, and Cootie Catchers: ELL Book 2 – Entering to Beginning for English language learners.

maths book pic      english language book pic

And these All About Me Cootie Catchers with ‘Get To Know Me’ prompts (set of 30) look great for ice breaking with a new class.


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