What’s a cootie catcher?

Cootie catchers, fortune tellers, scrunchies, chancers, chatterboxes – call them what you will, these little paper toys are fun to make and to use.  You can make them quite easily yourself, but if you want lots for a party, hen night, wedding, birthday or slumber party, it’s great to be able to print your own.

I created this site when I wanted to download a template for a cootie catcher (US) or fortune teller (UK) for a valentine’s disco I was helping to organise.  I thought it would be fun for each table to have something to play with and get the conversation going.  When I searched on the web there wasn’t much out there and I decided to create my own printable template which I could use again and again.

Now I have lots of ideas of cootie catchers I want to make and share with you!

Check back on this site soon for more downloable cootie catchers to print for free and use straight away!

Any comments?

Let me know if you found the template easy to use, or if you have any ideas for cootie catchers I can make.  What can I improve?  I’d love to hear from you!



6 thoughts on “What’s a cootie catcher?

  1. Thank you so much! I am using this for a Sunday School Lesson-on decision making. This lesson teaches that there are 4 helps to good decision making:Ask, Pray, Learn and Listen. I actually typed those words on the “inside” (2x/per). The children will then expound on those–writing a little extra (like “Ask Parents”, “Ask Teachers”, etc). I put clipart pictures on the outside for Bible, Holy Spirit (dove), Praying Hands, and Parent. I looked on the web last year for something like this, couldn’t find it….I tried to do my own, but didn’t really start in time and I wasn’t very good with Power Point!! Thank you SO SO much!!

    • So glad you found it useful, Kimberly. I put the template on here as I was looking for something like it myself but couldn’t find it. It sounds like you came up with a really good cootie catcher for your lesson!

  2. Thank you for this resource! I’ve just printed out your examples to bring to my Girl Guide meeting for the girls to take inspiration from so they can make cootie catchers of their own. I bet the Party theme will be their favourite! I intend to make good use of the template myself.

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