Fairytale cootie catcher

This is my first story cootie catcher – I hope you like it!  Enter the world of the fairytale and try to complete the story by picking the three correct options.  Get it wrong and you might send Jack to the ball or turn Rumpelstiltzkin into a beautiful swan!

To play you will need to read the words when the chooser choses their colour, and then move the cootie catcher so they can choose a number.  Again, read the words first before moving.  When they choose the second number, open up the cootie catcher to read the ending.

Have fun!

Download Fairytale cootie catcher ready to print

Download Fairytale cootie catcher template for Powerpoint ready to edit

Fairytale cootie catcher

6 thoughts on “Fairytale cootie catcher

  1. I like the idea but was a bit confused when playing even though I KNOW how to play the game. First, the colours were hard to figure out for each corner (red or was it pink, are there 2 greens?). Second, I want to be able to follow the story straight through but that would mean the correct ending should be under the middle of the story and it isn’t. Was the goal just to play with fairy tales or actually be able to follow the correct sequence to retell the story?

  2. Good points, Marianne. I have adjusted the colours to make them brighter – the vague pink is hopefully a more definite red! And I’ve moved the endings to sit under the middles. The goal was both to play with the form and to tell the story. Thanks for suggesting the improvements!
    PS I’ve also included a powerpoint version which can be edited.

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